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Finding clinical research studies at SickKids

Welcome to the Research4kids database. At any given time there is a diversity of clinical research taking place at SickKids. If you are interested in either knowing about studies in a particular area, or are interested in volunteering in a study, you may search by entering one topic or combining multiple topics.

When the results of the search information are presented you will initially see a list of the clinical research studies which are actively recruiting subjects. This may be followed by a list of studies that have been previously conducted but for which enrolment is complete.

To find a volunteer opportunity for a healthy person enter 'healthy' in the key word text box and click 'search'.

Search Tips

Try several different search combinations to receive the most complete results. For example, to find a study on diabetes:

  • enter 'Diabetes' in the key word text box,
  • select Department of Endocrinology' in the department drop down,
  • click the Disorders & conditions link and select 'Diabetes'.

Please enter your search information:

Hint: type part of the researcher's name and choose from the resulting list.

Hint: separate multiple words with commas