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Study title: The Transplant Biobank Registry
Principal investigator: Mital, Seema
Study description: This research study is being conducted for the purpose of collecting and storing human biological samples (DNA) from individuals that have or may receive an organ transplant for future research. Despite improvements in transplant success over the years, there can be complications after transplantation that can adversely affect the health and well being of individuals after transplant. This research initiative is aimed at studying the genomics of solid organ transplantation, end-stage organ failure and other diseases (including heart, kidney, liver, lung, and small bowel). We hope to identify the genes and biological markers that influence outcomes after transplantation. This knowledge will help us in finding ways to improve treatment, develop new medicines, diminish side effects, and combat rejection. This will help to improve the survival and quality of life for individuals after organ transplantation.
Recruitment information: Recruitment efforts will be in collaboration with physicians caring for these individuals. Affected and unaffected family members (controls) of affected cases and unrelated healthy subjects will be recruited as ethnically matched controls. Subjects are recruited during inpatient or outpatient visits to the hospital. Recruitment efforts are done in collaboration with nurses and physicians caring for these individuals. Subjects are identified by their physician or through a review of medical records as eligible for the study and are contacted by study coordinators, the Clinical Trials Support Unit, or the investigators who will explain the study to the subject. Recruitment may occur during a scheduled office visit, inpatient hospitalization, procedure, or via telephone contact. There will be no costs or payments made to study subjects for participating in the program. However, we may reimburse individuals for reasonable out of pocket expenses or for their time as a result of participating in specific research activities associated with the program.
Enrollment status: Closed enrollment closed Healthy volunteers healthy volunteers needed
Contact name: Raj Akilen
Telephone: 4168137654 x228125